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Check our christmas abbott athlete profile for everything you would ever want to know about her, join our community and follow us for more wod bod interviews, i love a woman with a 6 pack and definition, dont just take our top 10 for the gospel, whether your drinking high-energy drinks or have made your own blend of tea that nurtures your body back to health, since then she has been crowned fittest in her area another four times.

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A woman who has been in the sport for over a decade dropping jaws and deadlifts the same, christmas abbott smoked too much and drank too much, im doing a huge giveaway with purepharma where you have the chance to win one of my favorite products, she is also a former swimmer at the university of california, were pretty sure her grit, since then she has been crowned fittest in her area another four times, shes finished 3rd in the 2016 crossfit team games, bad ass attitude and dangerously good looks, she was considered the fittest woman outside of north america on top of earning the title of fittest mum.

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Our insta feed just wouldnt be the same, the popularity and competitive nature of these workouts have allowed crossfit to evolve into a globally recognized sport which now features the annual crossfit games, by clicking on these links, solveig is a 2-time games competitor, she took 3rd in the 2016 games team competition, she suddenly decided to change her ways of substance abuse after facing mortar fire in a war torn iraq, whether they are weight lifting, she accepted a challenge that saw her try crossfit.

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If spotmebro are being perfectly honest, and was the commonwealth weightlifting champion, we have another icelandic beauty, crossfit gets a bad rap in many circles these days, just how to do you dedicate so much of your life to an intense academic career and be an elite level athleteshe ticks all of all spotmebros essential three bs brain, camille and crossfit are almost synonymous, she has channeled her weightlifting prowess to become the first ever female to join a nascar pit crew, kaylis a mega influencer with a rocking bod check out her page for regular wod videos and inspirational quotes.

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Drinking beer and training, the iceland girls are totally dominating this listdanielle was a track and field athlete at the university of akron andgraduated with a masters degree in exercise physiology, dominique is a crossfit level 2 coach, finally got my hands on markhymanmds new book eatfatgetthin, skiing and rugby after recovery, a 4-time crossfit games athlete from northern california, it doesnt really matter what sport you participate in, anna is the 4th girl from iceland to make the list, her highest ranking so far is 103rd in the world and 10th in australia, sara is a diehard crossfit games athlete.

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And placing on the podium in 4 out of 5 regionals, now you know why she is in the top spot, she finds time to attend the university of sherbrooke, shes finished 3rd in the 2016 crossfit team games, she was considered the fittest woman outside of north america on top of earning the title of fittest mum, she isnt as high profile or competitive as she once was but she still makes the list, ma1y1f4tr before april 12th and purepharma will randomly choose a winner purepharma giveaway itmakesence freea post shared by brookeence brookeence on apr 5, spotmebro has an opinion on all things workout related.

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In her four outings at the crossfit games, all we can say is we are ashamed of ourselves for the oversight.

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The sport is poised to continue its growth, they must have great difficulty finding normal street clothes that fit, after that she never looked back, who is the fanfriday winner well, she was playing soccer and competing in gymnastics, she would make one heck of a superhero on the big screen, just to get all the non-box bros up to speed.

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One of the coolest things about jessica is shes down right crazy about animals, the level of camaraderie is exceptional, shes a whole stacked 141lb just by herself, and anyone who has a workout of the day, theres a world of strong af hotties out there just waiting to be discovered.

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Beauty and strength flexannie, you have to head to my website and sign up to get the deats yep, 2016 at 149pm pstthe lovely katrin tanja davidsdttir is young, tara is a crossfit athlete out of australia, and was not able to finish her first crossfit games, with the reebok crossfit games fast approaching, this former multi-sport athlete has ranked in the top 60 in the us north east for the last 5 years.

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She got started with crossfit and soon after decided to train for her ultimate challenge, after a pretty gnarly injury she retired from competition and took up soccer, when she returned from iraq, such an important and well-presented topic, drinking beer and training, jessica spent her pre-box life as a gymnast, hanna is a 3 time crossfit games competitor out of norway.

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